What does it mean to dream of shit?

It is definitely not something that seems very pleasant to have this type of dream, but we all do it and, probably, every day, that is why, being something so common it is normal to be dreamed by so many people. Contrary to what you might think, many of these dreams mean something good, but it depends on several factors, which can modify their meaning. Are you prepared to know all the probable meanings of dreaming of excrement so that you never have to search again for this? 

In psychoanalysis Freud made his contribution saying that this dream is self-punishment. When a person dreams of dirty and rotten things, it is a reflection that inside he has a desire to relate to totally negative and out of order acts 

Come on then, here you can see many categories of sleep that you may have experienced!


Dreaming of excrement (in General)


Dreaming about shit, in general, is a sign of wealth and fortune, therefore, all the dreams and meanings that are going to be mentioned below may also have this implicit meaning. It is not as likely as those specifically noted, but this should be kept in mind as a possibility.



Dreaming that you touch excrement


It is a good omen, Do not fear or be disgusted, You will be very successful, financial abundance. Everything will go as you wish. Positive energies are with you. Soon you will be able to see yourself with a lot of money in your pockets and bank accounts.


Excrement that transforms into a living animal



It is a great responsibility that you are developing for the achievement of your purposes. You are well on your way. You can move forward without any fear, it is wonderful to know that you have a grip in your life.


Dream About Human Feces


This excrement will represent certain things that you hide from people in general that you are ashamed of or that you think are made by a different person. You don't have to be ashamed of anything, take responsibility for the things you do or did and be honest with the people who are most important to you. Only in this way will you feel lighter, happier and more rested.



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Dream About Dog Feces


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Dreaming about dog shit is an excellent omen, especially in terms of creating new personal projects or even in partnership with a friend or acquaintance. Many times people have a good and promising project tucked away in the drawer, but they never risk getting started and lose the opportunity. This is a sign for you to see this project with more affection and believe that it is viable, go ahead, without fear and without regrets.


Dream About Cat Feces


One of the dreams that represents something more negative, despite being more of a warning than something properly negative.

Know that you are at high risk of being fooled by someone close to you who you did not expect to fool you. It can be something harmless as it can be something much more important and that will bring you harm, either on a personal or even professional level, so in the near future be alert for that possibility.


Dream About Mouse Feces


This one probably already knows, because not only in dreams, but also seeing it personally, has the same meaning, being something that his grandmother already told him. Mouse feces are a sign of wealth and prosperity, so if you see them, it is because your financial life is going to have a positive advance.


Dream About Dreaming of a Sanitary Cup (with or without stool)


It is a sign that it is a time of change, where you must finally get rid of the things that make you bad and that bother you, sending them "down the toilet."

It all depends on taking that attitude. It's the right time but if you don't, it's not going to magically happen either, you have to force that. Do it and you will see that the results will be quite positive for your quality of life, giving you more peace of mind. None of these indications can be considered with 100% accuracy or as the source of all reason, you should just follow as an indication and pay attention to those specific things. We say this because what you dream is a manifestation of your subconscious, and it is not because of your subconscious saying something that you really have the absolute certainty that it will be so. And then, do you already know a little more about the meaning of dreaming of excrement, shit, feces, whether of human or of some animal such as cat or dog?


You are a woman and you dream of excrement



Be careful with this dream, it is possible that you are debasing yourself, thinking that you want power and wish to have possessions and a good social position and therefore you are looking for a man with characteristics of power, who shows that he has money, it does not matter if he attracts you or not. . You will be able to be with that man only for interest, you can even get married. You must know that you will not be happy or that you have many material benefits.

You sleep on top of excrement



You are very unfortunate these days. It is not appropriate that you carry out projects in the moments after having the dream, let a few days go by. It is also interpreted as that you feel ashamed and miserable because of something unpleasant that you have done or have done to you.

Dreaming of bloody stool


Reflect on your actions. It seems that you have acted badly and today this brings you regrets. The dream tells you that you correct mistakes soon so that you do not suffer further consequences. You are on time, the dream has alerted you. Don't underestimate this dream.

Somebody dirty you with excrement


You have very hidden things and you fear that they will discover you. It is preferable that you speak of your own free will and do not have a bad time being discovered. The lies and deception turn into a boomerang, which then comes against you.

You see feces thrown in someone else's face



You will have losses in several matters: The economic, the familiar, and the personal, are on a tightrope. Take precautions because this will mistreat you emotionally. Do not miss this notice. The dream reveals things to you that you must take care of with zeal, so that you do not remain at zero.

You have diarrhea in the dream


You need to purify yourself from many bad thoughts. You may have a stomach disorder soon. There is something that you no longer need in your life and you want to expel it. In this sense, it is very positive, as you are preparing for an important change. You smell some poop smell while you are sleeping. It is an unpleasant dream, almost real. This dream means that you perceive what is happening around you. Know perfectly that something is wrong and you are alert. This attitude is very positive for the dreamer.

Defecate in front of people


You are embarrassed by some event. You want to talk about this and you don't dare. It has to do with your subconscious. Something a little laughable will happen to you and you will be embarrassed with many people.

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